Cloud Hosting Reseller

How many CLOUD HOSTING is really out there? How many CLOUD HOSTING RESELLERS are out there, too? The EVOLUTION is... slow process.

The Real & The False Cloud Hosting Reseller Opportunities

What is actually cloud web hosting? There has been a lot of speculation (and worst of all, still is) about cloud hosting as a term. Cloud hosting is supposed to be a description of a special kind of web hosting services, which involves a group or a cluster of servers dedicated to serving only one service (mail, disk storage, FTP, databases, statistics, Control Panel, etc.). This service is just a single piece of the entire hosting puzzle, which consists of many different pieces (groups of servers, each serving a different service). The entire block (consisting of all the groups of clustered servers) is forming the so-called CLOUD hosting puzzle.

Cloud hosting reseller models

Unfortunately, today's reseller hosting market does not offer many cloud hosting reseller options. Many claim that they offer one (a modern marketing technique), but very few actually do. One such hosting reseller company strongly caught our attention. It is Resellers Panel. We have checked ResellersPanel's platform and networks. The evidence we have found proves that there is a real cloud web hosting solution offered to ResellersPanel's end customers. So, why is ResellersPanel so special?

ResellersPanel's cloud hosting reseller services

First of all, with the resellers have the chance to resell absolutely real cloud hosting packages and services, i.e. each single service (Control Panel, mail, storage, FTP, databases, statistics, DNS, etc.) is being served by a cluster (a group) of servers dedicated only to that particular service.

Secondly, ResellersPanel offers four data center locations, where the cloud hosting customers can host unlimited domain names and websites: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia.

Thirdly, ResellersPanel's business model allows the resellers to resell not only real cloud hosting accounts, but also VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, domain names (over 50 TLDs) and SSL certificates. At wholesale prices. The Hepsia Control Panel is included everywhere at no extra cost.

In the fourth place, ResellersPanel does not ask for any monthly or annual prepayments (subscription fees). All other reseller hosting business entities out there will ask the reseller to first purchase the package and to pay monthly or annual subscription fees regardless of whether the reseller has made any sales or not. If a sale has been made, the reseller shares the profit with ResellersPanel. On the reseller's part, no investments are required, i.e. there are no financial risks to be taken.

In the fifth place, ResellersPanel is an ICANN accredited domain registrar. That's a really rare thing on the reseller hosting market. Maybe because ResellersPanel is a domain registrar, the Domain Manager, part of the in-house built end-client Control Panel, is so advanced and powerful. This Domain Manager is the best domain management tool we have seen so far on the entire cloud, shared and domain hosting market.

Last, but not least, ResellersPanel offers centralized management. The reseller has one place to log in to, where the whole hosting business can be managed from. So do the clients. Unlike with the cPanel web hosting and cPanel reseller hosting solutions, with ResellersPanel the hosting customers can manage their domains, websites, files, databases, emails, stats, billing transactions, invoices and support tickets from inside one single centralized place – the Hepsia Control Panel, which is probably the best web hosting Control Panel on today's domain and hosting market . Why do we say ‘unlike with cPanel’? Usually the cPanel-based web hosting companies will supply their customers with at least 2, sometimes even 3 login locations (the cPanel Control Panel itself, the billing and domain management system and eventually the trouble ticket system). You should count this one.

The cPanel-based "cloud hosting" platform
It's always good to remember that cPanel was originally built on a one-server-does-it-all type of a platform. cPanel's main purpose is to work on a single server where all hosting services run simultaneously: mail, FTP, databases, files, statistics, web application installers, Control Panel, DNS, etc. Knowing that, it's hard to imagine a cPanel-based hosting provider offering real cloud hosting services. And more than 95% of today's web hosting providers are... cPanel-based. That's all there is to cloud hosting out there. You should count that one too.

Putting all the pieces together
Many years will probably pass until the majority of the domains and websites will be served by real cloud hosting platforms. The reason for that is the entirely deluding and false marketing approach currently used by most of the web hosting providers. Just because the term "cloud hosting" is very modern... and stylish. The majority of the web hosting companies want to be fashionable too. Especially the cPanel-based ones.